Recipe: Tahini Sauce/Dip

Tahini, the sister dip to hummus, this is just as easy to make and has so many uses, once you taste it you’ll want to have it with everything.

Recipe: Hummus

Hummus is one of the most popular and recognisable dips of the Middle East, with each region making it in its
own way, it is one of the most discussed dip topics
there. Each believing their way is the best. This is my
way. Play with the ratios and you’ll soon find your way too.

#AskManarEats: How Do I Keep My Salad Leaves Fresh?

QUESTION: ¬†Treska asks “How do you keep salad fresh when it’s pre made, without going floppy?” ANSWER! Great Question¬†Treska! There is nothing we hate more than soggy greens! And more so throwing it out because its no longer fresh and we could have avoided that! SO here’s a super simple tip to keep those gorgeous…