#AskManarEats: How Do I Keep My Salad Leaves Fresh?


 Treska asks “How do you keep salad fresh when it’s pre made, without going floppy?”


Great Question Treska!

There is nothing we hate more than soggy greens! And more so throwing it out because its no longer fresh and we could have avoided that! SO here’s a super simple tip to keep those gorgeous salad leaves fresh for 5-7 days.

 Note: If you’re packing it in individual containers then dont dress it till you’re about to eat it. You can put a folded paper towel over your greens in your smaller container before you seal it, if you are doing a few containers ahead of time. The key here is all about moisture and reducing the excess.

 For bulk prep see below.


  1. Large Air tight container with a lid

  2. Paper Towels

  3. Salad Spinner

  4. Your leafy greens – of course!


  1. Wash your leafy greens and run them through the salad spinner a couple of times till they are dry as possible

  2. Line that container with paper towel so they come up the sides

  3. Toss your freshly spun salad leafs in and top with a layer of paper towel

  4. Close the container with the lid and Voila! Keep in the fridge and use when you need your leaves!

So Simple! This will last you a good 5-7 days, however if you’re like me, salad leaves last 3 days with food prep!


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