6 Ways to Keep Salad Interesting!

You don’t make friends with salad?  I DO!! Here’s how.
START with your favourite base week one. What you want to do from here is to avoid boredom and how you do that is rotate the mixes below across your weeks and days during any one month. Trust me this will keep it interesting!
FOLLOWING WEEKS – 6 Ways to keep your salads interesting
  1. Add in leftover roast veg or fast boiled veg from the night before, this keeps ingredients varied without the typical lettuce base
  2. Throw in a handful of your fav nuts, try different nuts at each salad, so cashews the one day then almonds another day or pepitas which are my fav.
  3. Add sliced fruits, here I’ve used apple, try pear, even strawberries cut up or raspberry
  4. Cut your ingredients chunkier, instead of always fine cut. Grate carrot instead of chopping it. These all add different textural experiences and its all about keep it interesting if you’ve been bored before.
  5. Use fresh and dried herbs, I love dried oregano or fresh parsley, just a little but totally changes something like a tuna salad.
  6. Lastly mix up your salad dressings, i’m always olive oil, lemon, salt/pepper, sometimes i’ll add crushed garlic, or half tspn mustard, different vinegars

Once you figure out what your new favourites are, you can keep rotating and make your salads fun and keep your friends!

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