What’s wrong with these pictures?

Have you found the answer?

Have you zoomed in?

Are you scratching your head?

Let me tell you what’s wrong..


Yup, there’s nothing wrong with these 2 plates. This is a prime example of getting dinner done and in while ticking boxes.

This was my friends dinner, Rebecca Flint  who is a mother of one, runs multiple businesses, including a gym at Mona Vale, Fitness Boxx and she sent this to me on messenger and I was blown away. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS I SAID!

This. Meal. Prep. Thing. Is. NOT. Hard.

Just like we’ve been conditioned to question our body image we are being conditioned to question the state of our plates.

Between cooking competition shows, short quick cooking vids online and all the other chef celebrity pressure to be all those things in your own kitchen, it’s too much!

AND SORRY REALITY CHECK! You can’t be all fancy all of the time AND get your nutrition over the line.. well maybe if you have sht loads of time. But like Rebecca and myself and most of my friends,


So give yourself a break, think laterally, think simple and get those nutrients in.

Why do we think we have to chop everything up all the time?

One of my favourite salads or veges is just to leave everything whole or chunky cut. I’ve got some salad tips right here

There are some simple steps to take with your weekly meal prep and I want you to know them.

FREE GUIDE – Go to this link here and comment YES! To receive your FREE 5 STEP GUIDE, includes weekly planner too.

So kill that notion in your head of what a plate of good good nutritious food looks like and keep it simple! More Recipes here


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