A classic dinner dish I make when I’m sick of all the tomato based dishes I’ve been cooking. Yes! Of course I too get sick of the same things! I’m not here to fluff up what I do, I’m here to give you ideas, tips and great easy recipes like this!

When I want something creamy without that overly heavy feel this is my go to – Super simple and you can opt for no cream if you like or also no garlic!


400g diced chicken (thigh or breast – whatever your pick is)

2 leeks sliced

few sprigs of thyme

1 small brown onion diced

large handful of sliced button mushrooms

fat of your choice

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS – nice to have but not end of the world if you don’t!

1-2 rasher of sliced bacon or pancetta or prosciutto (when I made my last one I didn’t have any)

1-2 garlic clove (lightly crushed and then i fish it out end of the cooking process)

250ml chicken stock (if you’ve got it great not dire!)

dollop of cream

filo pastry or puff pastry – to top and bake the pie but again optional – this makes an excellent dinner for family or friends with a side of green beans and green salad

OH! I had some zucchini in the fridge and I added this to it last round.


  1. In a large pot over medium high heat in your fat of choice, I like butter for this one, cook onion with a sprinkle of salt, then add mushrooms till brown. Set aside.
  2. Cook bacon till crispy, set aside, use this same fat to cook the leeks, add in garlic and leeks, cook leeks till translucent then set aside.
  3. Add fat if needed, cook chicken till it starts to take on some colour, then add onions, mushrooms, leek, thyme, bacon and mix well, add in a dollop of cream. Taste and season with salt and pepper to your desired taste. Fish out that garlic clove and discard.
  4. Transfer all ingredients to an ovenproof tray or if you’re like me and have a pot that can go in the oven then top with pastry and bake till golden. I do like to brush my pastry with some beaten egg.
  5. ENJOY! Great with green beans and a green salad.

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