Food – IS my life, it’s my obession, it’s an all in, consuming thought, action, drive and passion of mine. It is my morning ritual, my daily ritual, my go to, my constant…my all… ok ok now that you’ve got the gist of where food sits in my heart I can tell you that for the longest time I sat on my dreams thinking I just couldnt get it going. So many people tried to encourage me before and while it took me a while to get here I know deep in my heart I couldnt keep all this info to myself without passing it all onto you.

YOU – Yes, you.. you are my greatest motivator for this, I really struggled seeing my friends, my peers, everyday people complaining how hard it was to plan and eat healthy, that they didnt know what to eat when they went out. That they didnt know how to make the right choices or were too scared to try new things. While I cannot solve all the problems in the world I know that what I can teach you is going to help you and that is the greatest reward of this whole process.

Family –  my upbringing has by far been the greatest influence on my palette, my cooking exposure and experience since I was a child. Having been brought up by two amazing parents, my mum is Egyptian and my dad is Lebanese, they always brought new food experiences to the table. As I grew up I was always interested in what that ingredient was or why you use that or how did you make that, these were questions always being asked by me. Little did I know that throughout my life I carried these skills and pockets of information and used them daily, cooking comes easy to me and I know it can come easy to you too and I’m going to show you how.

2014 –  I left my corporate rock, the rock that was a stable well paying job, to persue my dream and started a catering business called Sundweesh (yep click on it to see what we do (after you read this!))  (A Middle Eastern Street Food pop up service.) So I started the business and while it was great, I wanted to give more of what I know to all of you.  It was all I knew about cutting down cooking time and providing tips and tricks I use every week to plan out my meals and cook amazing healthy dishes.

What’s next? follow me and lets cook together and get ME in on your weekly game plan.

(see what I did there.. ^^ ME = Manar Eats)

 OH! One more thing! – I would very much like to hear your feedback so drop me an email on healthdoesnthurt@gmail.com

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