1 on 1 Training

Cooking and meal prep in a busy world is sometimes hard enough to balance. Let alone knowing what to cook and how to cook.

I wanted to offer my expertise to you, I used to struggle with balance in my week, I used to buy wayyyy too much food and throw out so much too which felt like literally throwing money down the drain.

I knew how to cook, just not the balance side of things and meal prep mastery.

So I’m here to offer you everything I know so you too can learn and improve your lifestyle.

I’ve got 4 options for you

  • 30 mins call – $47
    • ask a couple of questions you really need help with, good for short quick help
    • quick share of tips and tricks for meal prep
  • 1 hour call – $89
    • here we can cover more of the areas you want improvement on
    • meal prep tips
    • how to meal plan and maximise your time in the kitchen without spending all day
  • In person – 2 hours – $ 237
    • BEST VALUE, this option maximises our time together
    • 1 on 1 master class
    • we can go through practical cooking techniques & delve deep into areas you want help with
    • also go through your spices, kitchen setup etc to help you master your meal prep
  • Group Consult – 4 hours – $ 189 pp
    • minimum 3 people – up to 5 people
    • get together a few of your friends and we can do a group class
    • fantastic way to learn, in a positive group environment with the people closest to you
    • meal prep mastery walk through with practical useful insights to cooking
    • challenge each other after the class to keep on top of meal prep and lifestyle changes you would have learnt in our session

30 mins call $47

Book in for a 30 mins call - I will email you a booking form and confirm date & time with you. We can go through an burning questions you have that you need immediate help with.


60 mins call $89

This option is great to deep dive into areas you want help with, questions and tips you're looking for to improve your meal prep and cooking.


2hrs 1 on 1 $237

This is the best value option, allows you more time to get across the areas you want help with, go through practical cooking help and we can go through spices, kitchen organisation so you can master your meal prep.


Group Class 4 hrs $189pp

Get the crew together and learn the basics and advance levels of meal prep, share and learn through practical demonstration and meal prep mastery. Minimum 3 people and up to 5 people is ideal Need to buy tickets separately.