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Spending hours on end in the kitchen is tiresome unnecessary and creates lots of washing up! No wonder more people are finding the process unenjoyable.

From not knowing what to cook, to how to store the food to creating variety, it make the experience frustrating.

I have spent a lot of time cooking for myself and other people and found lots of shortcuts and quick ways to inject flavour with little effort, saving me time for the more important things in my life.

I’m taking the guesswork out, taking the time spent out and putting in easy to follow, no fuss recipes for you and your whole family. Whether you’re training to keep fit and healthy or want fast tasty recipes to cook from.

Prep Cook Eat Repeat gives you that and more, with many of the recipes interchangeable, which means double the amount of recipes in the cook book.

You’ll find recipes for

  • beef/lamb
  • chicken
  • seafood
  • the famous “slutty salmon” & now her sisters join the recipe list (NEW & never released before!)
  • vegetables & vegan recipes
  • kitchen tips
  • food storage
  • kitchen essentials
  • 5 step meal prep guide, how to master your weekly meal prep like a BOSS!
  • bulk food prep days
  • entertaining
  • salads
  • salad dressings , dips & sauces
  • marinades

The cookbook is designed to give you recipes you can use now with ingredient lists as well as marinades and dressings to take an existing protein or dish and turn into something delicious.

I want you to experiment, I want you to discover new ways to cook, new flavours and fuel your life with delicious dishes and most importantly I want you to enjoy the journey!


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