Slow Cooker Edition – 10 recipes for $10


Enjoy 10 slow cooker recipes for $10 – part of our 10 for 10 cookbook range, 10 easy to follow tasty recipes to download and enjoy now!


Colder months means hearty meals, and with that in mind we created a easy to follow cookbook with our favourite slow cooker recipes. To be honest it doesn’t have to be winter for me to create one of these, super easy way to do one meal in one pot and set and forget.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • they are all simple and easy to cook
  • they are great for the whole family
  • they are done in a slow cooker which is super easy!
  • tried and tested by our Manar Eats fans around the world
  • and they’re only 10 recipes for $10

What you’ll get is an easy to follow recipe book that you can use from your phone too, great for grabbing what you need at the supermarket!

The recipe book will arrive in your inbox to the email provided shortly after purchasing.

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