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A little about our recipes

I run a business and have a busy life in general, having recipes that are easy to follow, use and of course taste delicious is very important. Trust me when I say I know the value you of time and spending too much of it in the kitchen is one of the biggest reasons people feel they don’t want to cook.

Some of the meals take 15 mins to cook and meals that last a few days. Thats the other thing, you can make a larger amount and have it on hand for the rest of the week or to stock up the freezer.

Features of our recipes

  1. If it isn’t easy to cook we ain’t posting it!
  2. If it isn’t delicious we’re not cooking it!
  3. We make a tiny assumption you know your way around a kitchen with the basics and have some idea of how much salt, pepper etc you like. If you don’t that’s fine too, you’ll still learn how to cook here.
  4. We expect you to experiment once you’ve made the recipe once, to remove or add an ingredient, have fun, enjoy it!
  5. And lastly if you have a question we’re here for you so just ask!

Talk to me!

Yes, I want to hear from you, what you put in you get out goes the saying. So if you have something to say, if you have a question, no matter how silly you think it is, please ask it. We must dispel the difficulty out of cooking, meal prep and staying on track. I’m always online click here to Email ME.

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